Siblings | Stacie & Jason

Back in 2014, one of my first real shoots that I did for someone just happened to be some family pictures for the Baust and Beard families. Part of that shoot were sibling pictures of my cousins, Stacie and Jason. As you can imagine, they've both done a lot of growing up since then so of course I was excited when Stacie contacted me about getting some updated family photos of her and Jason. 

The photo on the left below is from 2014, and the one on the right is from our shoot two weeks ago:

Bit of a difference, huh? Especially with Jason! It's crazy to see how much this boy has grown up in just a few years.

I love photographing these two siblings because they are so easy and so fun to work with. It's laid-back, casual, and most of the time we are just shooting the breeze while taking photos. Stacie is also always super open to trying out new poses or ideas I have. I got some "pinspiration" from good ol' Pinterest before the shoot and wanted to try some cool poses with Stacie in the open field. This one ended up being my favorite!

The lighting wasn't as ideal as we were hoping for the majority of the shoot, but we did have about a 10 minute period where the sun broke through the clouds and shined just how we wanted it...

For some reason, the bugs were taking a special liking to Jason that evening, so I worked quickly trying to get his photos out of the way so he could return to the comfort of the Ranger I drove out to the middle of our farm field. For someone who claims to hate taking pictures, the camera sure does love Jason! It was easy to capture a few great shots of him. We may even have a future Wrangler or Polo Ralph Lauren model on our hands?

Of course, our evening shoot wouldn't have been complete without a few bloopers from Jason especially, so you know I had to share those as well. He can't be serious all the time, right? 

To view the entire album, head on over to my Facebook page. I'm looking forward to many more years of getting to photograph these siblings and continuing to watch them grow up!


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